This is more than just a fishing trip

This is a fishing trip in the most bio-productive ecosystem on the planet! Life abounds in the Charleston saltmarsh, and there is no better way to experience the incredible density and diversity of this life than going on a fishing charter

Why we go fishing is the hope for an unexpected encounter.

 It may be the drag screaming pull of a Spottail Bass, or watching the elegance and grace of a blue heron as it hunts the shallows. It may be the mud-thrashing viloence of a pod of dolphins ambushing fish in shallow water, or the fresh smell and shimmer of a brilliant speckled trout just pulled from the estuary. It may be a perfectly placed fly in clear, shallow water, or wondering what will take the bait in a deep channel where ocean giants lurk. 

The views around us will be spectacular.

The Lowcountry is made up of an endless maze of waterways– from the ocean-fed inlets, creeks and sounds behind the barrier islands to the rich tidal rivers that wrap around the sea islands. It is ambiguous where the land ends and the sea begins in this part of the world. This is a landscape of open sky and reflections. The backdrop of our fishing holes will consist of grass and mud and oysters, of palmetto studded islands and roosting wading birds. The soundtrack is the breeze, the calls of gulls and terns flocking over fish, of pelicans crashing into glassy water, and of a dolphin’s breath before it dives.

This trip is about more than just fishing– it’s an intimate interaction with the incredible landscape that is the Charleston, SC Lowcountry.